#FranceNeedsOutlander Twitter Party

December 7th 2015

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The #FranceNeedsOutlander twitter campaign was targeted to French and Belgian TV channels to make them aware of the high level of interest in the Outlander TV series, in hopes that one of the channels would quickly acquire broadcasting rights. The series is already on TV screens in most Western countries, with a French language version that began airing in Switzerland in mid-November, in addition to the highly anticipated release announced for January 2016 in French-speaking Canada.

Our campaign was initially scheduled on November 16th and we began promoting it on this blog on the 10th. Due to the events in Paris on November 13th, it was rescheduled for December 7th. The campaign was designed in French and in English right from the start, as we were counting on the support of fan groups from around the world.

Support for our campaign poured in from around the world, here are a few examples:

scotland now 1


soutien divers 8

kat 4


Article #1 published by Scotland Now

Article #2 published by Scotland Now

Beth Wesson’s blog – France Needs Outlander

Article #3 published by Scotland Now

Fraser’s Ridge Telegraph

Article #1 on the Outlandish Observations blog

Article #2 on the Outlandish Observations blog

Here are the memes and gifs used to promote the event:

meme1 France needs outlander meme3 FranceNeedsOutlander drank myself stupor diners spirituels meme rassure toi claire resized for header meme get this straight for header meme paris resized for header

join the party

Click here for the gifs designed for use on twitter.

The information was shared via twitter and facebook, and fan groups who had previously organized similar events shared their expertise with us and helped to quickly relay the information in all the countries.

Our main supporters in getting the word out were: Outlander Ambassadors, Outlandish UK, Heughans Heughligans, Catrionation, Outlandish Observations, Fraser’s Ridge Telegraph, Outlander Kitchen, InverOutlanders – we thank them all for their involvement, and we would also like to thank the many many fans from around the world who supported us as well! There are so many that it would be impossible to list them all here.

The list of tweets to click was published here on Saturday December 5th.

On Sunday morning, we were delighted to see that Sam Heughan had retweeted an announcement:

rtsam 5

He did so again on Monday morning:

rtsam 6

We also received support from Stanley Weber:

rtstan 7

The Campaign

We launched the campaign at 6 pm, Versailles time.

lancement 10

Here are the participation statistics:

stats1 stats 2


reach tweets graph

top ten RT top ten users

Here is the breakdown of tweets to channels through the Click To Tweet system:

graph 11

#FranceNeedsOutlander was a trending topic in France and in Canada before 8 pm.

France: http://trends24.in/france/

tranding 12


trend canada

lisa b canada

During the evening, Graham MacTavish and Stanley Weber supported the fans’ efforts.

graham stan

Sam Heughan sent one last tweet shortly after 10 pm.

same h rt

And the results? At the time of publication on December 9th, only one channel has responded (in the negative):

arte reply

Of course we’ll keep you posted on any developments!

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all participants!!