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As you may know, Outlander has still not been broadcast in France, in fact we’re still waiting for a channel anouncement… much to our great regret!

The press in Scotland is even talking about it here!

scotland now tweet

We have decided to have a twitter party to show the channels what they are missing and we hope that you can help us to make as much noise as possible 🙂

The party will be on Monday December 7th from 6pm to 8 pm French time. This is 5 to 7 pm UK time and 9 to 11 am on west coast US, noon to 2 pm east coast US.

The approved list of tweets and channels will be available here soon, so please stay tuned! We will have an easy click to tweet list!

In the meantime, here are a few memes and quotes you can share to spread the word with the date!!! More will come over the next few days in French and English. You won’t miss them if you follow @OutlanderFrance on twitter!

Here is the list of TV channels to follow before monday:

















As you are all twitter party veterans, you know that the #FranceneedsOutlander shouldn’t be used in actual tweets until the 7th, but feel free to spread the word without it 🙂 And here is the link to twitter tips from Outlander Ambassadors! 



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